Writing/Author Mentorship

As a freelance/contract writer and a published author, Yvonne loves helping people find creative outlets that pay. Much like the similar quote attributed to Confucius, musician Marc Anthony said,

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”

Some people love working in factories, but some people would rather make a living doing more creative endeavors. Writing isn’t always a creative thing though, especially if your work in SEO or technical writing. However, if you love to write, you’ll still be doing something you enjoy and making money while you’re doing it.

Being a writer isn’t always just about writing as a freelancer or a contract writer though. Maybe you want to start writing a book, or you have a book you want to publish but you’re just not sure how to go about that. I can assist you with these things as well. I can help you create query letters, give you tips on self-publishing, and so much more.


What makes me the right person for this job? I have successfully been working as a full-time freelance writer from the comfort of my own home since 2010. I got my start as a professional (paid) writer in early 2000. With 17-years experience as a writer, I know the ropes online and off. I have been a published author since 2008, my first book published through a vanity published (bad idea). I now self-publish, but can also point you in the direction of wonderful small publishing houses that would love to work with you.

Go to the contact page to send me an email and let’s talk. My rates are affordable and my services are created to help you be successful!

Bi-Weekly “Gig” Email/Newsletter            FEE: $25 a month (invoiced through PayPal on a monthly basis)

Twice a week you’ll get a specially curated email full of gig links that are tailored to your needs and interests as a writer/author. When you sign up for this one-of-a-kind service (other writer newsletters send you all sorts of gigs, whether they’re something that you’re experienced enough for or even have any interest in) you will receive a questionnaire to fill out that will help ensure you get gig links sent to you that fit your wants and needs. Here are the other things this service offers:

  • Links to writing gigs of all kinds (from steady ones to one-off assignments you’ll need to query for) that fit your skills and interests
  • Tips on applying for these gigs and becoming a steady freelance writer
  • Links to writing contests, poetry contests, that fit your interests (you can choose if you want fee-free contests or both free and paid ones)
  • Motivational quotes and images to keep you going even when you’re not getting responses from gigs

Writer/Author Mentorship Services               FEE: See each service for fees (invoiced through PayPal upon hire)

  1. Assistance with resume, cover letters, query letters, and the like. This is not a service to have someone else write them for you, but more to assist you in learning to write them more effectively on your own. FEE: $5 per item
  2. Feedback/critiques on your writing. Get constructive criticism that will help you be a more successful author or writer. FEE: Reading fee of $2 per page
  3. Tips on self-publishing and info on how to publish your book within the budget you can afford. FEE: Free with any other service purchase (for one month)
  4. Tips on marketing your books and your writing FEE: Free with any other service purchase (for one month)

I do not offer editing or proofreading services, but if you are in need of such things I can also direct you to the right people to get the job done!

I have been writing articles on being an author, being a writer, and on promoting creative endeavors for a couple months now. Here’s a good place to get started on your journey into the world of writing.

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