The Author

Yvonne Glasgow was first published in 2008. Her children’s picture book, Frankie the Firefly Belongs, was published by the now defunct Publish America. Getting that first book published drove Yvonne to start self-publishing.

In 2019, Yvonne decided to focus more on getting her stories and poetry published in magazines, journals, and anthologies. So far she had been featured in Writer’s Digest for winning one of their writing contests, had a short-short story in a horror anthology, and had one of her poems included in a poetry anthology about Covid-19.

Yvonne’s Books

Many of Yvonne’s books are now out-of-print, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have copies of them available! Follow the links below to find her out-of-print books that can still be purchased, as well as books that are currently in print and where to find them. She also puts her crafty side to use creating handmade zines in which she does all of the writing and art.

The Out-of-Print Books

The Current Books

The Zines

Anthologies, Contests, Interviews, and More

If you’re interested in seeing some of the other places Yvonne and her work have been featured, check the links and photos below.

The Anthologies

Writer’s Digest Your Story #102 Winner