The Anthologies

If you’re interested in seeing where Yvonne has been published alongside other authors from around the world, here are the anthologies she is a part of.

Poetry In the Time of Coronavirus – The Anthology

POETRY in the TIME of CORONAVIRUS is an anthology of original submissions from the Poets of the World. Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders and Partners In Health – two outstanding organizations supporting the fight against COVID-19 and countless other global health issues.

The anthology includes Yvonne’s poem titled Social Isolation (found on page 93 in the print version). The book is available on Amazon.

Forgotten Ones – Drabbles of Myth and Legend

The battle is upon us, and the old gods are waking. Tremble as you rediscover the darkness that came before, the darkness that could eat the world. Within these pages gods of fable, creatures of lore, and ancient rituals have been brought back to life in over two hundred drabbles of exactly one hundred words each. Delve into the madness created by award-winning horror and fiction authors from around the world. We dare you to remember the fear of the unknown, and to dive headfirst into ancient mysteries. The old gods have awoken, and chaos will reign again.

Yvonne’s short-short story, Raising Hell, is featured in this delightfully frightening collection of horror stories. You can buy it on Amazon.