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Selling Myself

As an artist, writer, editor, freelancer, and author – I am always selling myself. I have to prove that this product (me, I’m the product) is worth people’s money. I think you do this less when you work a more traditional job. Yes, you still have to go in and do your job, but I am a continual salesperson with Yvonne being the main item I sell. Sometimes before I can even do the work for the day, I have to prove I am still worthy of being the product that does this job for a living.

Different sales tactics come into play depending on which part of me I’m selling (that sounded far dirtier than I meant it to – I meant whether I am selling my art, my crafts, one of my books, or my skills as a writer or editor).

As a freelance writer, I have to continually apply for gigs or send out manuscripts and queries. I have to always have samples on hand, published online with my name on them – something that isn’t always easy when most of your work is done as a ghostwriter.

As a crafter and artist, I have to always be showing that my skills are growing. I have to prove the things I’ve created are unique and worth someone’s investment in them. And, how do I even get people to see them? I have to be on social media, selling them somewhere online and in person.

As a self-published author, I have to do much the same as I do as a crafter. I also have to find businesses willing to stock my books.

Every single day I am selling myself. Every single day I come up with new ideas to do this. How are you selling yourself?

Here are some of the things I am working on right now:

  • I will have my books and The Art of Dreams & Divination items available early next year at a new local business in Hudsonville, MI – Eye Candy for Your Body & Home.
  • I am creating videos to promote my books, and I recently started recording myself reading poems I’ve written to practice for a book signing event I’m doing in January.
  • I spend at least one day a week sharing my articles, books, art, and other things on social media.
  • I come up with new marketing ideas and tools as often as possible… and I just keep going!