Creative/Art Therapy

Did you know that both viewing and creating expressive art can do healthful things for your mind, body, and soul? It’s called art therapy.

It’s true, and it’s part of the reason that everyone should be enjoying expressive art. It’s the reason for art museums, art in school, and adult art classes. It’s the reason why breweries and wineries have adopted art and drinking nights. It’s the reason art therapy exists as well.”

That is a clip from an article Yvonne wrote for Culture Hog in July (2017) about art therapy. You can read the complete article here.

Yvonne has done art and crafting in all sorts of mediums, but she specializes in mixed-media collage art and poetry. She creates art and writes poetry as a therapeutic process, not for a living, and feels that collage art and poetry both allow for more expression of the feelings a person may be struggling with.

How Can I Help?

Therapy- Yvonne is here to help you embrace the healing powers of creativity. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other emotions or issues, Yvonne can help you work through those emotions through art and writing. This can be done with lessons sent through email or in person, that’s up to you. Yvonne’s specialties are in the healing power of poetry/essay writing and in mixed-media collage art. She can teach you how to use these things to express your feelings, let go of old feelings and thought processes, and more. For rates (rates are negotiable depending on what you can afford) and more information, contact Yvonne.

More About Art Therapy

It’s also important to realize that art is a blanket term that encompasses so many things, from painting to dancing and from sculpting to singing. Find the artistic inspiration that drives you and just go with it. If music cheers you up, learn to make music. If you like to take pictures, work on photography as a way to get outside of yourself and your mind.

Here are some art forms that you can use in many ways for healing (this is not a comprehensive list, but something to get you motivated and inspire you):

  • Singing or playing an instrument
  • Sculpting, making pottery, working with clay
  • Writing poetry, essays, short stories
  • Creating collage or mixed media art
  • Painting, drawing, coloring
  • Scrapbooking
  • Crafting things you find on Pinterest
  • Cooking and baking
  • Dancing, acting, choreographing
  • Upcycling anything
  • Photography, videography
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • And so on…

Yvonne has written some Poetry related articles, as well as the healing poetry of her own, that you can read through the following links:

Fighting With Myself: The Healing Power Of Poetry– An introduction to a book I wrote to heal myself after divorce and broken friendships.

The Painful Side Of Poetry– An article about how our words can harm other people.

Enlighten Me– A spiritual poem to help with healing and moving on.

Negativity can have some really harmful effects on your life, your creativity, and your happiness. It can lead to anxiety and depression, and it can make it hard to focus. Art and creative therapy are excellent for “battling” negativity. For a little starting inspiration, here are a few articles on negativity/positivity Yvonne wrote recently.

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