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More Than A Writer

IMG_20180905_191932I named this the “Life As A Writer” blog because this website focuses mostly on my career as a freelance writer – but that’s not all I do. I am more than a poet. I am more than an author. I am more than a freelance writer. I am more than someone who puts creativity into stories, and more than someone who turns the written word into art.

I am an artist. I am a crafter. I am a creative soul.

This year I have slowly, and progressively, been launching The Art Of Dreams And Divination. This is a small business that combines my love for arts and crafts with my passion for divination and spirituality. I do dream interpretations, make dream catchers, and handmake divination items… and so much more!

I have a few items up in my Etsy shop, sold a good amount of items at the Indie Flea Market in October (a local Grand Rapids event that hosts local artists and crafters), and I signed a lease for a 6 month spot at a new shop opening up early 2019 in Hudsonville, MI. I plan to do more… but it takes time.

book_coverNot only do I work with numerous clients each day, but I also have to find time to work on my books and my crafts. This means organizing my time and giving into the creativity bug when it bites!

I love to write – but I also love all things creative. No matter how many times I’ve tried to only be a writer, I always find myself lost in other creative pursuits as well.

Welcome to the life of a creative entrepreneur!