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Divination and Me

Earlier this year I earned my Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) in Spiritual Counseling – it goes with my Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching. By earning that second degree, I re-sparked my interest in all things divination.

First, I found myself making dream catchers – a very spiritual project, each one of them made with care and positive intentions. The creation of dream catchers reintroduced my interest in dream interpretation – something I have years of experience in. October 1st I will be launching my “The Art of Dreams” line of dream catchers (each sale comes with a free dream interpretation), dream journals (all upcycled), and dream pillows. They’ll be available in my Glass Goat Publishing Etsy store.

I will also be working on a book about the importance of dreams – not just another dream interpretation book!

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Delving back into the messages our dreams give us has also made me more interested in other forms of divination again. I was working on a deck of Major Arcana Tarot cards, which I am actually restarting fresh with (and making an accompanying book – you can do readings with the Major Arcana alone).

While Tarot, Runes, and Pendulums have always been my go-to forms of divining the future, I’ve decided to start exploring other forms more deeply. I worked with nearly all forms of divinity in 2010/11 when I was working on my dissertation for my Life Coaching degree, and now I am delving back in.

Not only am I working on some divination books that will be “written by” Dogopus the Fortune Teller puppet, but I am also putting together a limited number of bone throwing/casting starter sets. I just ordered my first set of Astrology Dice and am excited to try them.

Do you use divination tools? What are some of your favorites? Right now I am kind of obsessed with collecting these tools, especially ones I have only slightly dabbled in.

If you want to keep abreast of my dream catcher work, and other spirituality related things, follow my Holistic Reverie page on FB.

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Working Overtime – Supporting Other Artists

This is my month of June – working overtime and supporting other creatives. This month I have been working 24/7 – or that’s what it feels like anyway. I’ve missed gigs my fiance played that I wanted to attend. I missed the first meeting of a new local Pagan group I wanted to attend. I may have missed other things because I am an adult, and work comes first. I don’t get “mental health days.” I don’t get paid vacation. Those things aside, I love what I do for a living and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aside from work, this month I started a writer’s group meeting that goes along with the Write Now, Grand Rapids! group I admin on FB. While our first meeting was a small one, it was a very successful meeting, and it was fun to meet a couple of other local authors/writers. I am looking forward to keeping this going every month (I still need to set up the repeat event on FB for it).

This coming Thursday the Arts and Crafts night I host begins again. I’ve missed hosting this night and am looking forward to getting crafty with friends and strangers again. I’ve offered to do a dream catcher tutorial to anyone that brings some sort of ring for their base (bangle bracelets work great). In between lessons (or if I have no takers), I will be working on the art for the return of Frankie the Firefly.

Lots going on… So much that I still haven’t updated you to let you know that I released my second self-help book about a month ago. The Jealousy Remedy is now available on Amazon, in print and on Kindle. I may finally get enough free time to update my book listings on here next month!

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The Joys (and Pains) of Working Full-Time from Home

I work full-time from home as a freelance writer. I work with SEO content firms, I get paid to write independent music and book reviews, I write blog posts for businesses and individuals, I do editing for a board game company, and the list goes on.

I’ve you’ve ever worked in this industry you know that most of these jobs have sporadic assignments. Even though I work full-time from home, sometimes I only have part-time work (and part-time pay, of course).

I love what I do. I get to do what I love for a living. It’s not easy. There are days when I want to pull my hair out. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The stress just pushes me to work harder. I love a challenge.

I have been a full-time freelance writer since 2010. Before that, I was doing it part-time for about five years, while still punching the clock elsewhere. I knew better than to drop everything to chase a dream without having a plan in place.

I’ve been able to support three people on my income for a few years at a time. Then, there are the times where I didn’t even think I was going to be able to support myself. It’s part of the life, and you get used to it. You learn as you go.

My best advice, if you’re thinking about writing full-time for others, is to test the waters before you dive in. You have to continually be on the lookout for work. You don’t get insurance or days off. I didn’t get these things working in retail either.

You also have to continue learning. The styles of online writing are continually changing. You have to be a GREAT writer to make a living at this. If your writing is mediocre, you won’t make it for long.

You do get to help people. You get the satisfaction of seeing your words on the web and in print. And, you get to do something fun for a living.

This is my job. I am not unemployed, I am self-employed. There’s a difference.

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Creating: Art, Books & A New Life

My life is all about creating. I embrace change. I embrace growth. I thrive on creativity. I think, to be a talented writer you need these things. Some people fear change. I’ve known people like this and I’ve seen it destroy them, I’ve seen it make their hopes for talent fall short until they give up, refusing to learn or change. I learn something new every day. I thrive on continuing my education. Recently, I started attending free webinars every chance I get, and I’ve signed back up on Udemy to take free courses on almost anything (my first two have been a witchcraft class and a class on writing celebrity biographies).

ART: I may have opted out of ever entering ArtPrize, but that will not stop me from making art. In fact, I have some fun collage art/word art handmade zines up for sale on Etsy, and more to come. I am also still working on my own tarot deck. It will consist of only the major arcana, but it will be awesome. AND, I’ve decided to use collage art for all future Frankie the Firefly books.

BOOKS: My book writing may seem as though it’s on hiatus since it’s been a few months since I last published anything. I assure you, there are books in the works. I like to take my time and ensure I include everything that needs to be in the book to make it the best version possible. Plus, editing takes time. The next books you’ll see from me (and from my publishing company) are a self-help book titled The Jealousy Remedy, an all-new Frankie the Firefly, and the first occult book from Dogopus. However, before these books find their way to print I am finishing up my dissertation on positive thinking and how it can change your life (which will become part of a future book).

LIFE: For me, life is combined fully with art, books, writing, learning, and love. I am slowly developing a small tribe with similar interests. I have been able to embrace my love of spirituality and the occult again without someone chastising me for my beliefs and interests. I am able to create freely, and the man in my life supports me. This is a glorious feeling- having mutual love, respect, and support for one another. It’s something I didn’t even know could exist in a relationship. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ve been able to move on from bad relationships and negativity. I have found my positive side again and fully embraced it.

Most importantly, I have decided to expand my writing career in many ways and am learning new writing techniques and investing more time in researching gigs that fit my desires. It’s a great feeling doing what you love for a living. It’s an even greater feeling knowing you’re putting your all into putting out the best work possible.

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Is it a human thing, a woman thing, or a writer/creative thing?

I can never make up my mind. I am not sure what causes it, hence the questioning blog title. I am pretty sure that this was about the third or fourth year I decided to enter ArtPrize. I’ve decided I’m not going to, and that if I ever say it again, people should just assume I’ve lost my mind.


Here are the collage pieces I did for “We ARE Art.” The opening art piece I did will become the cover for a future handmade zine I make… which these other pieces may or may not be included in (I haven’t decided yet).

On to the changes in writing…

I am not going to publish my dissertation as a book once I finish it and it’s graded, although it will be “part” of a future book. Also, I am considering writing more Vocal articles again, since the new “full-time” gig isn’t giving me any “full-time” work and is greatly falling short of the expectations they gave me. I am not sure what I’ll write about. I’d love to come up with some more stellar pieces like my Ouija Board article. If you have any topic ideas, feel free to leave a comment with them. I mostly write health & wellness, occult/New Age, writing, and small business marketing articles.

As far as other projects underway, I am at least halfway through the text/poem for Following Frankie the Firefly, which means I can start on artwork anytime now. I am also over halfway through The Jealousy Remedy.

For now, if you haven’t checked out the books I currently have published, you can find them on Amazon.

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Introducing Dogopus the Fortune Teller

I know it’s been a bit since I touched base with my fans and readers. I came down with a cold early in the month, then went right into a sinus infection, then had a toothache, and on Wednesday I had three teeth extracted. I’m still in pain.

I haven’t been extremely productive lately. I am just going to call March my “month off” and start fresh with April.

I have two fantastic interviews completed for the first issue of #supportgrandrapids Literary Journal. We also have a poem submitted already. I am getting pretty excited about this and can’t wait to see what submissions roll in this month before the May deadline gets here.

I managed to add a few words to my dissertation. I hit all my work deadlines. And, I came up with a new idea. I guess that’s at least some sort of productivity.

28616596_2034560670189455_1881876833941854615_oDogopus the Fortune Teller will have some of his own books in print. Hoping to have the first one out this year, maybe by Halloween. They will be a series of books on fortune telling and other “occult” topics (as you’d expect from a dog/octopus wizard puppet).

Dogopus may also be starring in a music video…

Tons of ideas, but this sick-month was a significant setback. Here’s to a better month!

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Accepting that I AM a publisher

With the new year comes new ideas and new adventures.

My newest adventure has been launching my own publishing business. I will be getting my dba soon. Right now the only books I am publishing are my own, as well as the #supportgrandrapids Literary Journal. However, in the future, I may take on more publishing projects (especially if I can convince my future husband to publish a manuscript of his that’s currently sitting in my office).

This idea came after I read an article about the business of self-publishing. Essentially, it said that once you publish your own book, you’ve started a publishing business. I thought, so be it. And here we are.

So, my publishing business has the adorable name Glass Goat Publishing. My fiance, of his many pet-names for me, likes to call me glass goat because of my last name (Glasgow). I decided it was just right for this new adventure, and thus Glass Goat Publishing was born. Even after we’re married, I will still work and publish under the name Yvonne Glasgow, although I will be taking his last name.

My first goal under Glass Goat Publishing has been editing my five currently published books and adding the Glass Goat Publishing label to them. They remain published under the same ISBN, but they read better and have the addition of a “temporary” business logo. I am having a permanent logo designed by a super-talented GR artist, C.R. Warner. I can’t wait to share that with you when it’s ready.

I hope you’ve been having a productive 2018 so far! Mine is amazing.