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Welcome to my world, a place where all are invited to find peace and harmony. This is a safe space.

What do you need help with?

My training and experience have helped me focus on certain healing aspects, but I am also here to lend an ear when you need someone to talk to. Visit here to get to know me and a little bit about my schooling.

Counseling Services

I’ve had a great deal of personal and professional experience with anger counseling, grief counseling, and relationship counseling.


Anger Counseling – Anger is something I lived with growing up with a violent and emotionally abusive mother. I let that rage settle inside of me, and in my teens and early twenties, I suffered from angry mood swings. I learned how to control my anger issues and how to let go of the anger. I’ve also taken college courses on anger management. I can help you learn the tools you need to control and dispel your anger.

Grief Counseling – I have helped numerous people deal with grief over the years, and got my start way back in fifth grade when one of my best friends lost their mother. Since then, I have taken college courses on grief counseling and earned my degree as a spiritual counselor. I learned how grief can overwhelm and control you through the loss of people in my own life, including my parents (within five months of each other).

Relationship Counseling – Another focus I had in my schooling was on having healthy relationships, and not just the romantic ones. From learning to be a better friend and set up boundaries in all of your relationships to having better romantic relationships, I can help you get along better with the people in your life. We’re not meant to be in everyone’s lives, but we all need to be the best we can be with the people who remain. I also worked as a relationship/dating/marriage advice expert for Lovelogica and worked for Matchmaker before they were an app and online presence.

Life Coaching Lessons

I earned my degree in holistic life coaching because I had an extreme desire to help people live their best lives through natural and healthy means.

Goal Setting – The best lesson I can teach anyone when it comes to getting on the right path in life is how to set goals. There’s a technique for setting attainable goals and succeeding at them. Whether you’re wanting to set goals for finding your dream job or you just need help getting through one week of your busy life, I can help.

Mindfulness – Learning to be aware of your thoughts and to focus on the “now” will help you better deal with emotions and the things that the life throws at you. Learning mindfulness will help with stress relief and will help you find more calm in your life, no matter what situations arise.

Journaling – Journaling is a form of meditation and can encompass any sort of writing you desire. Your journal can be full of poems, things you’re grateful for, or it can be a recollection of each day of your life. While I can teach you how to start a journal, you need to keep it up! Journaling lesson clients get weekly prompts to help you find the motivation to write in your journal. I will be starting some courses on journaling, beginning with how to start and keep a gratitude journal. If you’re looking for more information on gratitude, join my group, Gratitudinal Resonance, on Facebook.

Healing Through Poetry – Writing is extremely cathartic. I can teach you how to use poetry as a way to express your feelings and work through them. Think of it as art therapy through words (and you don’t even have to rhyme).

Vision Boarding – I can teach you how to use vision boarding to map out the future you want. Vision boarding can be used to help you strive for your ream job, the house you wish for, a healthy relationship, and more.

Contact me to schedule a lesson or therapy session. Contact me if you need someone to listen.