Alter Ego – Dogopus

dogo transDogopus is a hand puppet that practices fortune telling. Want to know your fortune? Just ask. Dogopus uses miniature Tarot and a magic eight ball to tell the future.

For those of you that want to know “What is up with Dogopus?”, here is a brief history.

Dogopus is a hand puppet that was rescued by his handler, Yvonne Glasgow, from a yard sale in 2017. He is part dog, part octopus, and all wizard. His name was granted to him by the clever wordsmith Dale Wicks. He enjoys long walks, hugs, telling fortunes, and playing with the Ouija Board. In his spare time, he’s an avid reader.

ScorpioDogopus writes horoscopes for #SupportGrandRapids Literary Journal. He is also in the process of writing some books on Paganism and Divination. He’s an actor, on the side, and will be in a music video soon.

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