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Working Overtime – Supporting Other Artists

This is my month of June – working overtime and supporting other creatives. This month I have been working 24/7 – or that’s what it feels like anyway. I’ve missed gigs my fiance played that I wanted to attend. I missed the first meeting of a new local Pagan group I wanted to attend. I may have missed other things because I am an adult, and work comes first. I don’t get “mental health days.” I don’t get paid vacation. Those things aside, I love what I do for a living and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aside from work, this month I started a writer’s group meeting that goes along with the Write Now, Grand Rapids! group I admin on FB. While our first meeting was a small one, it was a very successful meeting, and it was fun to meet a couple of other local authors/writers. I am looking forward to keeping this going every month (I still need to set up the repeat event on FB for it).

This coming Thursday the Arts and Crafts night I host begins again. I’ve missed hosting this night and am looking forward to getting crafty with friends and strangers again. I’ve offered to do a dream catcher tutorial to anyone that brings some sort of ring for their base (bangle bracelets work great). In between lessons (or if I have no takers), I will be working on the art for the return of Frankie the Firefly.

Lots going on… So much that I still haven’t updated you to let you know that I released my second self-help book about a month ago. The Jealousy Remedy is now available on Amazon, in print and on Kindle. I may finally get enough free time to update my book listings on here next month!


Creative Genius - Yvonne has been writing professionally since 2000. Prior to that, she got her writing start as a poet. Yvonne has a passion for writing about health & wellness topics, creating music reviews that spark interest, and she has a passion for all things macabre.

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