With the new year comes new ideas and new adventures.

My newest adventure has been launching my own publishing business. I will be getting my dba soon. Right now the only books I am publishing are my own, as well as the #supportgrandrapids Literary Journal. However, in the future, I may take on more publishing projects (especially if I can convince my future husband to publish a manuscript of his that’s currently sitting in my office).

This idea came after I read an article about the business of self-publishing. Essentially, it said that once you publish your own book you’ve started a publishing business. I thought, so be it. And here we are.

So, my publishing business has the adorable name Glass Goat Publishing. My fiance, of his many pet-names for me, likes to call me glass goat because of my last name (Glasgow). I decided it was just right for this new adventure, and thus Glass Goat Publishing was born.

My first goal under GGP has been editing my five currently published books and adding the GGP label to them. They remain published under the same ISBN, but they read better and have the addition of a “temporary” business logo. This logo will stay on those five books, but future books will be published with the logo I am having designed by a super-talented GR artist, C.R. Warner. I can’t wait to share that with you when it’s ready.

I hope you’ve been having a productive 2018 so far! Mine is amazing.

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