It’s been just over a month since my last update. Sorry about that. I got busy. I’m still busy. My freelance business is back to Level: Success. It’s so successful that I hardly have time to work on anything, but I am when I can.

I have 9 active freelance gigs right now. Only one of them is steady and full-time. I’m, at the least, doubling my income this month from what it was in January. Want to know how I do it? I charge for that.

My dissertation is on the backburner this month. I WILL get it done and submit it in March. I am no longer doing the “post a day” on Vocal since I have too much writing work to do already, and I want my “free” time for my own writing projects.

Speaking of my own “projects”, here is what I am working on:

Alone– This month I started working on a short story about a serial killer. I’ve been obsessed with learning about serial killers since I was a kid. Finally, I am putting some of that obsession to work. Once I complete the story ( I am shooting for between 3000 and 5000 words) I will be submitting it for publishing in an anthology or literary journal.

Following Frankie the Firefly– With the ArtPrize entry I am working on, a collage art collection inspired by the local creatives that inspire me, I have been enlightened. “We ARE Art” is opening me back up to my love of collage art, and because of that I finally feel like I’m ready to bring back Frankie the Firefly.

I already have the intention to turn this into a series. Following the first book (no pun intended) I will be working on a gardening book and a camping book featuring Frankie! If you want to keep up on Frankie follow THIS PAGE on Facebook.

#supportgrandrapids– The zine is coming back, kind of. I am still working out the plan. It won’t be anything like it was before. It might only be available for purchase as an eBook. Or, I might have it available in print, but not sell copies myself and you’ll only be able to get a copy by ordering it on Amazon. I am considering making it more of an “anthology” than a “zine” this time since it is a BOOK. It will be a quarterly, NOT monthly. To keep up on #supportgrandrapids you can follow THIS PAGE on Facebook.

Along with all of that, I still have a list of books I am working on, including The Jealousy Remedy. I hope to have that one out in the next month or so.

I am probably missing something… But you get the idea. I’m busy! And, I’m happy.


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