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#Winning Update

Happy New Year! I thought now would be a good time for a goal check-in. We’re over a week into the new year and I am oozing success! So far:

  • I have submitted one article a day to Vocal. I am even switching up the types of articles I do just to make it fun. One of them made “Staff Pick” already!
  • I am 2,000 words into my dissertation. I also just made the final payment. 8,000 words to go, with 3 weeks left on the deadline… I got this!
  • I made a new goal sheet for my wall. It’s a “daily & weekly” list, since some of the things I don’t need to do daily!
  • I haven’t stopped working IN my office yet, aside from reading review books in bed at night.

I’d say I’m #winning.

I’m winning so much that I signed a new contract with the gift shop at the UICA today. Now all four of my books are available there. I had two phone interviews today and a test edit for one of them. Got that one with flying colors. I am still waiting to hear from an editor with my test article assignment for the other one. Oh, and I started another new, steady, writing gig on Friday. Things are looking up.

There is a one-page interview with me, about my books, in Grand Rapids Magazine this month. I will post a scan of it on the website in February (I don’t want to discourage anyone from going out to buy a print copy).

A few months ago I entered a short story in the Write Michigan competition. Today they announced the ten finalists… I wasn’t one of them. Rather than let that discourage me, I submitted my story (a piece of work I am extremely proud of and fond of) to a literary magazine. If they don’t grab it up I will submit it to another, or enter it in another contest. My goal is to have it win something or come with a paycheck for getting published. I believe in it, and I believe in myself.

And, on that note, I hope your new year is as amazing as mine so far!


Creative Genius - Yvonne has been writing professionally since 2000. Prior to that, she got her writing start as a poet. Yvonne has a passion for writing about health & wellness topics, creating music reviews that spark interest, and she has a passion for all things macabre.

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