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How are you getting your name out there (aka What I spent my day doing)?

Today has been one of those crazy days where I got off track from my list of goals but still managed to accomplish a ton of great things. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you meet your goals as long as you’ve done something fulfilling with your day. My day was spent working on getting my name out there. See, I’m trying to launch a mentoring and counseling/coaching business and I want as many people as possible to know about it. I am also a freelance writer and a self-published author trying to get more people to see my words. It’s not always easy.

To start off with, I got a surprise message request on Facebook today that led me to a pretty cool website that will allow me to help others while helping myself. This Monday at 6 pm (est) my #AuthorAMA launches. The AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Right now you can click the photo below to go ask me a question about anything listed (which is pretty much anything) and on Monday evening you’ll be able to read my answer.


While getting signed up for this project I was again introduced to Issuu. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that is great for people that want to create zines or magazines. While I don’t have anything on there yet I plan to create some zines on there. They will be freebies since in order to monetize on the site you need to pay a monthly fee. I may create my zines specifically to share with paid Patrons on the other project I set up today.

I now have a Patreon account. You can become a Patron and help me create more while getting some great rewards in the process. My favorite reward is the top $20 tier one. If you sign up to support me with $20 a month you’ll get a ton of great online goodies, plus you’ll get a package in the mail from me every month that will spark your creativity and help you toward a life of wellness and positivity. My books, local music, my art, specially curated items. You’ll get something new every month that you’re a paid sponsor/Patron.

Today was also the second day of the Kindle giveaway for my scary book of poetry and short stories, Shallow Graves And Ghosts. Last I checked, 35 people had taken the opportunity to get this free eBook in time for Halloween. The promotion lasts through Halloween, for this book. I also have random giveaways set up over the next couple months for my other books (you can follow me on Amazon to stay up-to-date. Click the book cover below to go get your free copy (or buy a copy if you’re reading this in November or later. Free eBook sales help you get noticed on Amazon, which is a good thing for authors (especially those that self-publish).


All of these outlets would be great for you and your creative endeavors.  I am so inspired and motivated today because of these things. I hope they will inspire you as well. ❤

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