Daily Duties for a Wonderful Week

“Never let failure hold you back from doing something great.” ~Yvonne Glasgow

Today I finally accepted that I failed at the two writing challenges I wanted to complete for the month of September, and I am OK with that. We can’t succeed at everything. Once I accepted defeat I came up with a great new idea of something I can do daily that will help more than just me. That is why you need to learn to let go- because once you do something greater, better, and more amazing has room to move into your life.

That greater thing, for me (and for you), is the “Daily Duties for a Wonderful Week.”

wonderful week

Here is a description of what’s going on here:

Every single day on my Facebook coaching page, here, I will post something to go along with the concepts above. While I firmly believe you need to meditate on a daily basis, for those of you that feel like you just don’t have time for that, or don’t know the amazing healing powers of meditation yet, I am going to share a daily meditation on Mondays. For now, they will be meditations I’ve found on the web, most likely ones I have enjoyed myself. In the future, however, they could be meditations done by me!

Tuesdays will be the day to discover who YOU really are. Do you know the “true you”? Are you on the right path? Are you faking it? On this day I will share quizzes, articles, and other things I find on the web (and sometimes things I’ve written or created) that will help you discover the real you.

Wednesdays will be the day for art! Maybe I’ll give you some tips on introducing art into your life, making it or procuring it. Maybe I’ll share a beautiful, intriguing, or strange piece of art for you to meditate on. Maybe there will be a lesson, like writing a poem about the feelings a certain piece of art gives you.

Thursday will be the day for thinking. Thinking Thursdays will be somewhat of a free-for-all day. Maybe I’ll post a story that gives you something to think about, fact or fiction. Maybe it will be a lesson, a quote, or just an idea to meditate on. Whatever it is, it will make you think.

‘Feel Good’ Friday, because it’s the beginning of the weekend and that makes most people feel good, will be a day for extra positivity. I will share positive quotes, uplifting stories, and more.

Sing-Along Saturday is the day I will share an uplifting song or some motivational/inspiring lyrics with you. I don’t write songs so you won’t be getting my music. However, I listen to new music on an almost daily basis and live with a musician. So, expect to hear some great tunes!

And, finally, Sunday will be a day of serenity. On Serenity Sunday I will share something relaxing with you. We can all use a day of┬árest and relaxation, can’t we?

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