About Yvonne

18403338_1908400626041276_1156090374417452825_nYvonne Glasgow is an author, poet, writer, artist, and healer. You may be surprised, but all of these things mesh well together and through these passions, Yvonne works to help other people find their creativity. Through this site, Yvonne wants to help others find their creativity, whether it’s through the passion of poetry, art therapy, or finding a freelance niche that will have you doing what you love for a living.

The History

Yvonne created her first poetry book ever when she was in the first grade. Since then she has never stopped writing. However, writing isn’t Yvonne’s only love. She has a passion for art, mixed-media collage, painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, music, and more. If it can be considered “creative”, it’s pretty likely Yvonne loves it. She also has a passion for helping people and for healing (mind, body, and soul), which drove her to get her Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching Degree in 2011.

Yvonne Glasgow is a creative genius. She is a professional writer with a passion for all arts. Yvonne got her start as a professional writer in 2000, writing show reviews and CD reviews (she continues to write music reviews to this day). She was published long before that, with her poems in an anthology here or there and then some in a small zine in the Grand Rapids area that is long gone now (she published those under the pen name IVY).

After a few years of writing reviews for Music Revue Magazine in Grand Rapids, in 2003 Yvonne was hired on as their editor-in-chief and would be the final editor under the original owner. She remained with the magazine until September of 2005. In the next few years Yvonne honed her online writing skills, and in 2010 she started working freelance from home. You can see her skills on Yvonne’s Portfolio page. She is also an IAPWE-certified writer.

Before that, in 2008, Yvonne published her first book (in the traditional manner). It was a children’s picture book that she also created all of the art for. Frankie the Firefly Belongs would lead to numerous self-published books, in multiple genres. While all of her previous books are out of print, Yvonne is diligently working on new ones. Find out about her books currently in print on the Books by Yvonne page.

When she’s not writing, Yvonne can be found doing many other artistic side projects, including hosting a monthly arts and crafts night at the home she shares with her professional musician boyfriend, Dale Wicks. She is currently learning to play the ukulele and also has dreams of learning piano. She crafts, paints, draws, and so much more. If she doesn’t do that creative thing herself, she’s striving to help support other creatives. One place she does that is on her Facebook Group Awesome Michigan Creatives. You can also find help through this website, from visiting the blog for updates on interesting writing gigs, articles on writing, and lessons on healing with art & poetry to visiting the Creativity and Art Therapist page to learn about this healing method and the Writing Mentor page where you can get tips on becoming a freelancer or published wordsmith.

Yvonne is beginning the task of earning her Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling in September 2017.