The Creative Life

Yvonne Glasgow is a lover of words. She works as a full-time freelance writer, always working on expanding her knowledge and experience. She started her career as a published author in 2008 and continues to self-publish and get her works into anthologies. Yvonne also enjoys creating art, mainly mixed-media collage work.


A freelance writer by profession, Yvonne writes a little bit of everything. Her experience includes – lifestyle articles, relationship advice, poetry commissions, commerce writing, listicles, history research articles, metaphysical research articles, zines, interviews, reviews, and more.

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Traditionally published as a children’s book author way back in 2008, Yvonne has since self-published numerous children’s books, poetry books, short story collections, and self-help books. Her poetry and short stories have also been featured in various anthologies.

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Yvonne started creating art as a young child, as most artists do. In high school, she worked to expand her skills but left art behind in pursuit of a modeling career.

Yvonne picked back up the pens and paintbrushes in 2019 to start working on tarot, zodiac, and Halloween inspired art.

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